Wherever you may be

surrounded by mountains or the endless horizon of the Greek sea, at home or in the countryside – there’s a service which will make that experience unbeatable. Out in the open, under trees, or in the relaxing coolness of a courtyard in an island house, you can enjoy a delicious meal prepared by a truly passionate professional who loves, studies and lives for top-quality meat and everything that goes with it.

His philosophy is simple: every meal needs to hit all the senses.

Outstanding ingredients, imaginative combinations, a perfect atmosphere and very creative presentation are the ideal background for a gastronomic experience which will stun you in terms of taste, scent and sound.

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God sends meat and the devil sends cooks.

John Beastalis is a very passionate professional who totally loves meat and everything associated with it, including the art of fantastic meat-based meals. He's inspired by traditional and modern techniques from around the world, having studied and broadened his horizons about meat at leading institutions in Greece, London, Shanghai and Australia. When he gets a break from cooking he experiments and travels wherever his constant love for meat takes him.

“Every meal needs to hit all the senses.”

“Food for proud meat eaters.”


  • Hi-spec private dining with meat playing the starring role.
  • Mini seminars on knife-sharpening and techniques for cutting/carving and cooking meat.
  • Presenting amazing Greek wines and specialist varieties of freshly roasted coffee.
  • A perfect, sophisticated environment for private or corporate events (up to 25 people).

The meat of the matter

Τhe intricacies of the preparation and service are clearly shown to be a cut above the rest in the natural light of a bygone era, and the new-season wood and charcoal just impart added flavour to the already exceptional meat. A variety of specialist cooking techniques brings out the best of the fantastic ingredients and it’s all accompanied by baskets of scrumptious fresh bread. Handmade, genuine charcuterie sliced with an old-fashioned hand-operated machine, wonderful local cheeses and seasonal salads create a work of art on the plate with imaginative desserts accompanied by cups of freshly ground cold brew coffee.